Friday, October 3, 2014

We bought a house!

It's official we bought a house!! Greg and I couldn't be more excited. Stressed and overwhelmed too but defiantly excited. We have been looking for months now and see well over 25 places. Some were ok, most were bad, and a couple were buying worthy. Pictures are very deceiving and most houses have surprises inside not always a good one. We looked in Rancho Bernardo San Eljo Hills La Costa, Mira Mesa, and Carlsbad. In the end we bought in San Marcos. This place was the biggest one we looked at. 2 car garage, back yard, 3 bed rooms, 2.5 bath, the sellers are leaving all applicences (apparently a lot of people take them) the kitchen was recently upgraded with granite and stainless steal, a loft and 2 stories. We close escrow on October 30 and the sellers will need to rent from us for a week. At first I wasn't for this then greg said hey it's free cash in our pocket. And after putting all our money into the house, a couple hundred bucks would be welcome. 
I have already gone crazy on Pinterest for painting ideas and design help for the new house so I am telling you all now this blog may turn into a house blog about the things greg and I change. We know we need to paint the kitchen and a couple other walls. The sellers painted 3 walls next to each other green burnt brick and bright orange so that for sure has to go. Also the back yard has grass and some plants we want that out and to put turf in. It looks better, water costs money, and it's no matinece. There is a couple others but you will just have to wait and see the posts. I have a feeling Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco will be seeing a lot of Greg and I. Luckily we have a Costco in walking distance of our new home. Let the adventure begin!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8 months later...

So it has come to my attention that I have not blogged in 8 months, to the day actually. To be fair a lot has changed and happened. Greg got a new job at Sony Online Entertainment as the comminty manger for their game H1Z1 in San Diego. I transferred back to Vons as a floral manger. We moved into my parents guest house, so we could save money so we could buy a place instead of renting more. It was quite a world win with the new job, breaking our lease, packing, Greg going down 1st, me finishing Mother's Day at work, and moving all our stuff with cats.

The week of the move was insane for me. Sunday was Mother's Day. Monday I cleaned the deptment and said my goodbyes. Tuesday morning the movers came. Wednesday at 12:30 am I made it to encintas. Tuesday moving all the furniture in boxes took the movers longer then expected it also happen to be 90 degrees out. I had the cats kinda drugged at 7am so they would be calm for the 8 hour car ride thinking the movers would only take a couple hours. They started at 930 am didn't finish till 230 pm. I was also loading my car with clothes and some food and all the cat stuff and I had the hazards on for 5 hours. Little did I know when everything was done and I had the cats in the car ready to go my car won't start cause my battery is dead. Then after I get it jumped I have to take the cable box back. I get to the place and it's an hour wait when it 90 degrees out. So I nix that and start my drive at 4pm. When I finally get going on the road and hour in I can't keep my eyes open I have 7 hours to go and I am falling asleep. So I make the desicon to pull off the freeway crack the windows and nap for 30 mins. Haha not the best move but I had no choice. 8 hours later I make it to my parents house. Dad and Greg waited up for me which was a nice welcome. The next day dad and I meet the movers at the storage unit to unload Greg and our life into. 10x14 unit. All the while I have this bad spider bite that I have been itching non stop on my leg that gets so bad I go to urgent care on Friday and have it lanced. Needless to say it was non stop. 

Greg are I are looking for houses right now to finally own and set down roots in the San Diego county area. We are both working a lot saving as much money as we can and enjoying being home again near friends and family. 2014 has been the year of change. 

Friday, January 17, 2014


It has come to my attention i have been neglecting my blog over the past couple months. I also realize i haven't done a wedding blog post, so that will be remedied soon. I will update you on what has been taking all my attention these past months with pictures so this blog post wont be completely boring for you.Greg and I have been busy with work and adventures up here in NorCal.

Lindsey, her boyfriend Mike, and I went to the Full House house. if we have to explain it then, you don't know it.

We went to Napa with Greg's friend Ryan from work and his girlfriend Cindy.

My friend Heather came up for my birthday present from Greg and we went into San Fran and went to a bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park.

The Warf

on our way to Sausalito my gps took us this strange way i wasn't familiar with and then we saw this as we turned a corner. We stopped the car in a red zone and made a biker take our picture. 

Halloween. Lederhosen and Alice

Herman wasn't in a party mood as bat cat.

My friend Melissa in the best costume of the party as Mrs Pac Man. It was home made too!

I made the girls at work dress up the day of Halloween. Clearly they hated it.
 For the holidays we knew it would be different from any other year because we knew we couldn't go to back to Encinitas or Temecula to see our families. Mainly cause of my job only gives me the day of the holiday off. On thanksgiving my parents decided to join us up here and make a weekend out of it. We went up top Sonoma for a couple days filled with a fancy Thanksgiving dinner at this old house built in 1881. The next day we went wine tasting with one of my dads friends who its a winery owner himself so we got the VIP tour. It was a great holiday one we all will never forget.

Madrona Manor

J Winery. 1st stop

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Stryker Winery

I made a friend 

Friday, September 27, 2013


A couple years ago i posted a some pictures on Ty Mattson art of each Dexter season. Well now that the show has officially ended this past Sunday i thought it was a good time to update that post. This was my original  post on October 22 2010. (where does the time go?)
"One of my favorite TV shows started up again a couple weeks ago, Dexter. If you are not familiar with it the basic premise is he is serial kills who kills bad people. Now there is obviously a lot more that goes into a show but that is the foundation. Needless to say your moral compass doesn't necessary always run due north in this show. this is its 5th season, coming off of an explosive 4th season. The show started from a book series that is still flourishing but doesn't flow the exact same story line as the show, which keeps things fresh. I found these on the Showtime website. brilliant!"

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8