Monday, November 28, 2011

always does


one of my favorite things every is animals. its probably fair to say i love them more ten humans. no big deal. so when i see a picture of an animals adorable or funny i have to keep it. so i wanted to share some of my favorites with you all.

oh i see your home early

ok ok i did it..

cat salad

sneaky pete

its been a rough day

i may or may not be stuck

i am a panda cat with a striped shirt. nbd

every last lick

girl, please!!

let me in!!!!

San Fran Birthday Weekend

i have been lagging on blog updates and for my million fans i apologize. i have plenty of updates, well more like pictures of my latest adventures. for my birthday to went to San Fransisco to be with Greg. i got to spend Friday with my soul sister Jenna Augustine. We spend the day have tea and crumpets, shopping, singing, and non stop talking. on Saturday Greg and i made our way into the city to become  tourist. Alcatraz, fisherman's wharf, union square, and our shawnky hotel. i also got to see my long time friend Melissa on Sunday but we didn't take any pictures of us.. happy 27 to me!!!!


my only candle i blew out

its my company


on the ferry to the Rock

The Rock


notable inmates


i sure hope the cells were hot pink all the time


a practical san fran outfit

our hotel

this was for me, so who is mrs henninger?

our classy robes

union square

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Owl City

everyone goes through phase and there will always be new fads. a phase i am going through right now is owls. anything owls i love! its even expanded to bands and movies. i have even seen owl themed baby rooms. its defiantly the most popular bird these days. i have always had a soft spot since harry potter came into my life. i cried when Hedwig dies...  i wanted to share that owls are almost everywhere in my apartment and in my life.

 anthropologie cookie jar

 owl dish towel (thank you stevenson women)

 authentic London owl wooden owl from a regal British woman

long necklaces from nordstrom and claires

 owl vase from z gallerie (although i don't use it at a vase)

 this was a present from me to Greg, so this is technical Greg's owl. its the cutest little star from the movie below. this is Eglantine.

 i swear one the best kids movies of all time plus the effects are insane. Greg and i even saw it in 3D and if you know us we hate 3D. so it was quite a big deal.

last but certainly not least Owl City is our favorite live band ever. we saw them only my chance and an opening act for someone else and little did we know they would steal it for us. "if you are willing and able please stand...."

Sunday, October 2, 2011


i realize i have been lagging in the blog department lately. i have had lots of changes recently and been busy and then not busy to back to busy again.on of the main things that have changed my life in many ways is Greg has moved to San Francisco for an internship at PC Gamer Magazine for 3 months. we are 1 month down at this point but its still hard sometimes for the both of us. he took his car with him so we made it a road trip and then i flew back that night. fun last day together on the open road, well lets be honest through LA it wasn't open...


the second thing that changed is the day after Greg moved, i moved. not far but a move is a move. i now live next to the Mormon Temple in La Jolla. its a safe neighborhood, i am on the 3rd story, gym, underground parking an its very close to work (also its closer to my parents, which mom loves!) the main issues is 3 flights of stairs, no elevator, and lots of box and heavy furniture. thank the Lord we hired movers. yes i know what you area ll thinking that i move a lot and you would be correct. 10 moves 7 years to the date. I RULE!!

park next to my complex

 i have been taking advantage to this alone time to hang out with girlfriends as much as i can, without breaking the bank. i went to the Thornton family BBQ and got to see Melissa my oldest friend. i took a romantic gondola ride with Carolyn, my theater friend. i frequently have frozen yogurt and ladies night out with Mandy, my hair friend. i also got to see Kaitlyn while she was in town from new york and did her family's hair while we caught up, my high school/cheerleader friend. what sad is more then half of my girlfriends live in different cities as me so phone calls just have to do.


karen (kaitlyn's mom)
mom and me having been hanging out a lot as well. movies, dinner and padre games. we recently saw the padres face the diamond backs (go dbacks!) and after the game there was a free concert to one of our new favorite bands MercyMe. they were great and it was a once in a life time experience, singing amazing grace at a major league baseball stadium with thousands of people.

 now the last new thing is there is a new member of our family. Herman, Greg, and I have adopted a new kitten. he is a rescue in a sense. Greg's family have a feral female cat who they can't catch and she keeps getting knocked up (hussy i know). the last 2 litters have died from bobcats, racoons, or possums. so this last liter they wanted to give them homes instead of facing the wild. every time Greg and i would go visit his family we would see them and they melted my heart (6 kittens in all). so last sunday i got a new son :). he is about 2 months old and full of energy. herman has adapted well. they play and snuggle. the issue i am having is kitten eats herman's weight management food and herman eat the kitten nutritious fatty food. no name yet, i am waiting for greg's to help when he comes down next weekend (woohoo). but will keep all you adoring fans posted.