Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letting Go

Years ago i had this rip away day calendar Mom gave me for Christmas that has quotes on every day. needless to say it was perfect for me, still is (Christmas list this year?). And for some reason i kept this on quote in my wallet all these years later. I read it often. I don't know who said it or even if its a quote really. I just know it helps me forward.

"Becoming less attached to outcomes doesn't mean that you don't care or that you didn't try. Instead, its more a matter of trying really hard, caring a great deal, putting the odds in your favor-but then letting go of the result and allowing things to unfold as they will (which is what will happen anyway)."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disney Eyes

The Nightmare Before Christmas


Lion King

Snow White

Alice in Wonderland

Friday, May 27, 2011

Harry Potter In One Word

these are some of the main actors in the Harry Potter movies giving one word to describe their experience in the films.


on Thursday night may 27th my mom and i went to Teresa Giudice's cook books signing in La Jolla at Warwicks. for everyone out there who doesn't know who she is, she stars in the realty show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. she has written 2 Italian cook books. the first one is called Skinny Italian and the second one that just came out is called Fabulicious. it was such a fun night.

the sign out front
know it live love it

and that ROCK!!

her hair looked great

 she was so nice! she even shook my hand and said we looked like sisters.

 she personalized them and everything!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home My Home

i often fantasize about my future home. and when i say home i say the place i own, i can paint walls, and i can do DIY (do it yourself) things all over to make it my own. while i am in all these different aprtment these past 7 years i have made them all my own but you can only do so much knowing this is temporary. so for years i have been saving numerous pictures on the computer and from magazines. i make mental notes when i am in other peoples homes and in stores. here are some of my favorite ideas. now don't go steal them all!

 paint behind the bookshelf

 organize with boxes, hooks, and bags

 display kid books on the wall

 in the mud room for dirty shoes

 more organizing

 striped colorful carpet and star chandelier

 slide door for bathroom

take off cabinets and use baskets

 think outside the box for wall decor

 colorful profile shots for kids room

 old suitcases for bedside table

 paint the ceiling

 screen door for pantry

 date of birth on the wall of kids

pots hanging and words for food

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Bliss!!!

 i have always been obsessed with history and weddings. for for the past 2 weeks all the press and preparation has got we all excited. i work all day on Friday so i couldn't watch it live but i did DVR it. and Friday night date with me, Herman William and Kate was bliss.  there are so many things i love about this. they have been dating for almost 1 years. they feel in love like a normal couple would. they are 28 not a a fresh 18 arranged marriage. i love they invited the people closest to them not just random famous people.  i love that William signed on for 3 more years in to Royal Air Force to be a search and rescue helicopter  pilot. i love that Kate is educated with a degree in History of Art from St Andrews in Scotland, with honors. i also love that he is a prince who is balding. hehe. Disney gave us false ideas of what a prince and princes should be. although Kate's beauty could quite easily live up to that fairy tale. i loved her dress. i know there has been A LOT of talk about it but here is mine. i loved it. classic and modern just like her. OK im done. although her sister Pippa, almost out shined her. both of her gowns look amazing.

 i am for sure going to but the dvd about the weedding when it comes out. it will have all the best behind the scnces footage and upclose stuff and interviews. here is the Link you can pre order now. now i know some peeler say why do we all care about this wedding and my response is why not? there is so much negative in the world and on the news why not just for a while be happy about something happy. and us as American care cause anything we have to compare it to , lets say the Bush daughters wedding. we weren't invited too. sure we all saw the pictures at the ranch in people magazine but there wasn't a live feed, a national holiday, lip readers for the crowd. we WERE invited to this wedding every bit! thanks royals i had a blast!!