Friday, October 3, 2014

We bought a house!

It's official we bought a house!! Greg and I couldn't be more excited. Stressed and overwhelmed too but defiantly excited. We have been looking for months now and see well over 25 places. Some were ok, most were bad, and a couple were buying worthy. Pictures are very deceiving and most houses have surprises inside not always a good one. We looked in Rancho Bernardo San Eljo Hills La Costa, Mira Mesa, and Carlsbad. In the end we bought in San Marcos. This place was the biggest one we looked at. 2 car garage, back yard, 3 bed rooms, 2.5 bath, the sellers are leaving all applicences (apparently a lot of people take them) the kitchen was recently upgraded with granite and stainless steal, a loft and 2 stories. We close escrow on October 30 and the sellers will need to rent from us for a week. At first I wasn't for this then greg said hey it's free cash in our pocket. And after putting all our money into the house, a couple hundred bucks would be welcome. 
I have already gone crazy on Pinterest for painting ideas and design help for the new house so I am telling you all now this blog may turn into a house blog about the things greg and I change. We know we need to paint the kitchen and a couple other walls. The sellers painted 3 walls next to each other green burnt brick and bright orange so that for sure has to go. Also the back yard has grass and some plants we want that out and to put turf in. It looks better, water costs money, and it's no matinece. There is a couple others but you will just have to wait and see the posts. I have a feeling Home Depot, Lowes, and Costco will be seeing a lot of Greg and I. Luckily we have a Costco in walking distance of our new home. Let the adventure begin!!!!