Monday, November 28, 2011

always does


one of my favorite things every is animals. its probably fair to say i love them more ten humans. no big deal. so when i see a picture of an animals adorable or funny i have to keep it. so i wanted to share some of my favorites with you all.

oh i see your home early

ok ok i did it..

cat salad

sneaky pete

its been a rough day

i may or may not be stuck

i am a panda cat with a striped shirt. nbd

every last lick

girl, please!!

let me in!!!!

San Fran Birthday Weekend

i have been lagging on blog updates and for my million fans i apologize. i have plenty of updates, well more like pictures of my latest adventures. for my birthday to went to San Fransisco to be with Greg. i got to spend Friday with my soul sister Jenna Augustine. We spend the day have tea and crumpets, shopping, singing, and non stop talking. on Saturday Greg and i made our way into the city to become  tourist. Alcatraz, fisherman's wharf, union square, and our shawnky hotel. i also got to see my long time friend Melissa on Sunday but we didn't take any pictures of us.. happy 27 to me!!!!


my only candle i blew out

its my company


on the ferry to the Rock

The Rock


notable inmates


i sure hope the cells were hot pink all the time


a practical san fran outfit

our hotel

this was for me, so who is mrs henninger?

our classy robes

union square