Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What A Storm

Now this ode to Storm is defiantly late (4 months to be exact) but better late then never. i received this car from my ever so gracious parents when i was 17 and a junior in high school and LCC. she was a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Silver. although i didn't do my drivers training in her. that was in Lindsay's car Lighting, another Ford Explorer, white.  Now the adventures me and Storm had were great. Many of people close to me know how deep the relationship between us was. She helped me through some good and bad times. Such as getting me through high school and 2 different colleges, safe through san diego and los angeles (barely made it out alive), took me to cheer, football, basketball, baseball theater and dances, a couple boyfriends, many good friends, a lot of family, shopping trips, to and from my many jobs (i am protecting their identities), 7 of my 8 moves, tears and laughs, and last they safely carried both of my cats George and Herman. one thing she had i will always appreciate was the step to get in the car, some times it was challenging in other SUV but not in storm. So thank you Storm for everything. i love you and miss you.

although your replacement kinda rocks!

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