Saturday, October 23, 2010

Disneyland across the globe

recently i found out that there was 5 disney resorts across the world. i of course knew about California, Florida and Tokyo. but when me and Greg were @ Disneyland last week i noticed on someone rain coat that they listened Hong Kong and Pairs as well. who knew. well maybe you did but i sure didn't. so it got me thinking, i wounder if they all have a castle and i wouldn't who's is better? well i guess i am partial to the original and maybe its because i have only been to Anaheim. but i feel the 1st is always. i mean Walt himself designed it. but you be the judge. its now my life mission (one of many) to go to all of the parks.

                                                         Anaheim, Ca
                                                         Orlando, Fl
                                                    Hong Kong, China
                                                         Paris, France
                                                       Tokyo, Japan

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