Friday, December 17, 2010

life in the end of 2010

as the new year approaches i look back on my year through the pictures i have taken and see all i have done. or realize that i have not captured enough.

 well as some of you may know i started another part time job at Geppetto's Toy Store in old town. i am still working as a hair stylist in la jolla. building my business one client at a time. getting some new ones recently. in July i went to flat head lake montana with gregs family. it was there family reunion and they were nice enough to invite me to come along. it would beautiful. big sky country.

i live in point loma now with Greg and his cousin Sean. a couple months ago we got bad news from the lady who own the house saying she is selling it. so it on the market and we have had to deal with repairs, painting, open houses and now living in limbo. so the new year comes so will moving again. what a joy!

i got a new car which was a huge blessing. i got testing for allergy's because of all the construction and found out some interesting news (a later blog entry don't worry) but as i did earlier this year i will show you pictures of the latter part of 2010 in my life. enjoy!

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