Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Owl City

everyone goes through phase and there will always be new fads. a phase i am going through right now is owls. anything owls i love! its even expanded to bands and movies. i have even seen owl themed baby rooms. its defiantly the most popular bird these days. i have always had a soft spot since harry potter came into my life. i cried when Hedwig dies...  i wanted to share that owls are almost everywhere in my apartment and in my life.

 anthropologie cookie jar

 owl dish towel (thank you stevenson women)

 authentic London owl wooden owl from a regal British woman

long necklaces from nordstrom and claires

 owl vase from z gallerie (although i don't use it at a vase)

 this was a present from me to Greg, so this is technical Greg's owl. its the cutest little star from the movie below. this is Eglantine.

 i swear one the best kids movies of all time plus the effects are insane. Greg and i even saw it in 3D and if you know us we hate 3D. so it was quite a big deal.

last but certainly not least Owl City is our favorite live band ever. we saw them only my chance and an opening act for someone else and little did we know they would steal it for us. "if you are willing and able please stand...."

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