Monday, March 7, 2011


I recently went to the dark side and got a eReader, the Nook to be exact through Barns and Noble. i was against this whole idea for a very long time. i love reading and i love having the book on my shelf and rereading them again. as we moved a week ago the amount of book i have and we moved was a bit insane. and i even cleaned them out too... Sad. Another reason that altered my original hate for the eReader was a plane ride. In the next year i will be on many plane rides and as well all know weight of your luggage costs more then my rent these days. And books weigh a lot so why not have 5 or 100 in something that weighs 11 onces. My mom and dad have one so they let me barrow theirs for a couple weeks to see how i would like it. I caved and fell in love.

Here are some of the reasons i love the Nook. If i ever have a problem with it i can take it to any Barns and Noble and they will fix it. I can share a book with any other Nook owner for 14 days. You can go into any Barns and Noble and reda and book for free for anh hour. there is an easy touch screen navigation at the bottom. 10 day battery life. 2GB memory which can hold up to 1500 books, magazines, and newspapers. I sync it with my computer so i always have a back up system with my books and they also save on Also the price of books is so much more reasonable. Instead of a new hardback being 26.99 its 15.99. And older books are around 5 to 10$. And a nice added bonus was a lot of books that are public domain are free on the Nook. All the classics. Right up my alley. They also have very stylish accessories and i had to get the right cover for me. So naturally i got the Alice in Wonderland one. 

I didn't need the 3G because i don't need internet all the time. WiFi is fine because all i need to do is buy the book once then turn it off. Also i felt there was no need for the nook color. At least for me. For one the price is too much for me and i read in black and white why do i need color? At then end of the day i am very pleased with this. Greg thinks i have a new boyfriend in my Nook. hahaha. No electronic can come between us Greg, if you are reading this. But i do love my Nook.

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