Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Bliss!!!

 i have always been obsessed with history and weddings. for for the past 2 weeks all the press and preparation has got we all excited. i work all day on Friday so i couldn't watch it live but i did DVR it. and Friday night date with me, Herman William and Kate was bliss.  there are so many things i love about this. they have been dating for almost 1 years. they feel in love like a normal couple would. they are 28 not a a fresh 18 arranged marriage. i love they invited the people closest to them not just random famous people.  i love that William signed on for 3 more years in to Royal Air Force to be a search and rescue helicopter  pilot. i love that Kate is educated with a degree in History of Art from St Andrews in Scotland, with honors. i also love that he is a prince who is balding. hehe. Disney gave us false ideas of what a prince and princes should be. although Kate's beauty could quite easily live up to that fairy tale. i loved her dress. i know there has been A LOT of talk about it but here is mine. i loved it. classic and modern just like her. OK im done. although her sister Pippa, almost out shined her. both of her gowns look amazing.

 i am for sure going to but the dvd about the weedding when it comes out. it will have all the best behind the scnces footage and upclose stuff and interviews. here is the Link you can pre order now. now i know some peeler say why do we all care about this wedding and my response is why not? there is so much negative in the world and on the news why not just for a while be happy about something happy. and us as American care cause anything we have to compare it to , lets say the Bush daughters wedding. we weren't invited too. sure we all saw the pictures at the ranch in people magazine but there wasn't a live feed, a national holiday, lip readers for the crowd. we WERE invited to this wedding every bit! thanks royals i had a blast!!

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