Thursday, January 5, 2012


On January 1st 2012 Greg and I woke up on my cousins couch in Laguna Nigel after an amazing night full of pomegranate martinis, snow crab, and popcorn with hot tamales.  Wearing my Alice in Wonderland PJ's,  Greg asks me if i could come over to where he was sitting and talk. While the rest of the house is sleeping or just waking up around 10am, i sit down and he says "i want to start the new year with you". from this point he goes from the couch to the floor and gets on one knee, holding a gold box. I say "are you sure" he responds with "i want to be with you forever, hillary will you marry me?" i say "YES!" he opens the box and its the most perfect ring. he comes up from the couch straight in for a hug and we kiss (for quite a while). one by one George, Quint, and Sandra come down stairs for us to share the big news! we get out mimosa's and some of the best french toast i have ever tasted and toast to us! (and took a couple pictures)

Later that day we had already planned on going to Greg's parents house in Temecula for new years day, so it became a perfect time to tell them all in person. On our way we called my parents, grandma, sister & brother, and most of our friends. (funny enough almost no one even picked up). we spent the day laughing drinking and being with my soon to be family, the Henninger's. The next day we went to my parents house to celebrate with Greg's soon to be in-laws. We brought over a bottle of wine we have been saving to a special night, and we both agreed it doesn't get any more special then this! Then off to a great dinner at The Beach House in Encinitas at sunset. Ending the night with a surprise desert, more champagne, and port.


first picture of the engaged couple!
where he knelt

hey its the ring!


beautiful sunset


Disneyland shot. appropriate.