Thursday, July 12, 2012

holidays (like no other) 2011

(i understand this is 7 months late but better late then never!)

for so many reasons this holiday season, from thanksgiving to new years, was a shift for me. many things were different and i felt i was always driving somewhere. most of my family and Greg's live within 100 miles of each other so we can for holidays go to both. we have done this for the past 3 years so we have it pretty down. i can only imagine how much kids will love the car rides too.

for thanksgiving greg came home for 4 days (that's what i was thankful for) and we went to my grandmothers assisted living home to eat there with mom dad me greg and the jakeways (long time family friends of my grandparents). it easier for grandma since being mobile is harder. i was impressed with the food. from there we went to gregs aunt and uncle house in riverside which this time was only 15 miles from where we were. blessing!!
now to christmas. this year my parents went to jersey to be with lindsay, myles, an rocky. since she was super prego and mom has always wanted a white christmas, which she never got. so because they were going to be gone we had to do other christmas early with  with a couple groups of people. i had been opening presents from december 17th to 26th. we did the carndell side, napier side, and hubbard/henninger chritsmas. it was nice seeing everyone.

so christmas eve we went to my cousin george's house to crash his christmas eve with his new family. we fit right in. we had an amazing dinner at Sandra's parents house in laguna nigel with the whole wohlford family. we ate, drank, and sang carols. its official greg and i are family now, they better get use to it. after dinner and a couple rusty nails.... we drove to temecula to gregs parents home. it was kinda late and we took ortega highway at 10pm. and if you know that highway you know you barely made it. haha. we went right to sleep then woke up around 7am to open presents with the henningers (this was the 1st year i didn't open presents in my parents home, growing up is hard..) the henninger home is always run by pets, which is one of my favorite parts.

As the new year came greg and i drove up to laguna  again to go to the Lakers game, our Christmas present from George, on new years eve. Lakers on obviously sine we were there. and after the game we came home to georgies for cocktails crab and movies! it was the best way to end the year. who knew we woudl be engaged the next day!

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