Saturday, November 24, 2012

Si Scott Art

I surf the Internet randomly and find things that i just love. This artist i was just drawn to. I knew once I looked at all his work i had to blog about it. I want to get a whole wall full of these framed in in office or something one day. These are my favorites.

here is a little bio about him - Si Scott is a full-time artist, designer and creative consultant based in the UK.
He’s renowned for his unique style, blending hand-crafted and hand-drawn artwork that has gained him numerous awards and a prestigious client list. So far in his career he has completed projects for Matthew Williamson, Vogue, Nike, Tiffany & Co and Sony to name a few. As well as contributing to advertising campaigns for Guinness, Absolut and American Express.


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  2. Beautiful work with such delicate lines and dynamic movement. Thanks for sharing this, Hillary!