Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Weekend!!

hope this brings a smile to everyone's face!! feel free to notice that on the christmas tree us hubbards like to decorate with styrofoam cups. classy. also didn't we all know i would be a hairstylist? it was an obvious move. and last the face... am i happy i got highlighter for christmas, disappointed knowing i cant read no mater how many colors i put on top on of the words, or just showing off my model skills. lets be honest its all the above, either way this picture needs to be shared with the world. god bless paul and cindy for capturing my best moments as a child.


  1. I basically came to look at this pic just because I needed a smile. The fact that Paul and Cindy captured this on film makes me think that they deserve some sort of award.

  2. maybe you smoked some ray*ace that morning?