Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cleanse & Restore

for years i have heard about and know people who swear by doing cleanses. but to me they have all seemed to extreme. like only drink lemon juice with syrup for 10 days and you die at the end but you swear you have never felt better. i understand the idea of wanted to, as they say "clean out the pipes" but to starve yourself doesnt seam apealling to me. when i heard about Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse & Restore,  its ready made packets you put in a 8oz bottle of water and you still eat any food you like. preferable healthy food and exercise as well. Bethenny Frankel has made a great company Skinnygirl. from drinks to cook books and now this cleanse. i am trying new things these days to cleanse my life. more yoga, more reading, more time with family, and more time with my business/salon. this cleanse came at the perfect time. the flavor is green lemonade and it come with 30 packets in the box. mine arrived today. heres to clean pipes!!!

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