Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"bless you"

2 months ago there was all this construction going on at our house. getting it ready to be on the market. people outside causing a ruckus and this guys inside doing all shorts of stuff. my nose wouldn't stop running or sneezing. it got so bad it turned into a cold. my mother being the concerned mother that she is, suggested you might have allergies. at this point in my life i had known of none. so i thought what do i have to lose. then i started to get worried, what if i am allergic to Herman? i mean i sleep with him every night. e cuddle all the time. that would would be disastrous to me. another motivation for seeing an allergist was maybe what is causing my migraines could be food related. so it seemed like an all around great idea to check off my list.

they do the typical grid on my back and prick me with maybe 20 different thing i could be allergic to. i then had to lay there for 15 while a couple of them got very inflamed and itched like crazy. but i got very specific instructions no scratching. the doctor came in after checking out my back and i was dressed and i got the news...... i am VERY allergic to dust mites and grass pollen. (i know so it the rest of america). what i was told to do was get a mattress cover that doesn't let the dust mites in or out. he asked when the last time i got new pillows was. my response over 4 years. i think we both know what we told me to do next. and pillow covers to keep them out of there too. and as for the grass pollen i am to take a nasal spray every day, flonase.

the next piece of news he told me shocked me. good news i am not allergic to cats or dogs!!! woohoo!! but i am allergic to rice and walnuts. i was kind of blown away. i eat sushi all the time and there is rice in that. now walnuts i cant really remember my last walnut encounter but i would think it might be in a salad. he tells me its a low allergy so you have built a tolerance to it. but it you just eat rice and walnuts you might have a big reaction. well there goes my next diet. crap!

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